Words of Wellness: Katia Dodelzon

In “Words of Wellness” on RadTeams.org, members of the ARRS Wellness Subcommittee share what “wellness” and “wellbeing” mean in their own clinical practices, research focuses, and everyday lives.

<strong>Katerina "Katia" Dodelzon</strong>, MD, FSBI
Katerina “Katia” Dodelzon, MD, FSBI

Weill Cornell

“I am a breast radiologist and an associate professor of clinical radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine. As an associate program director for diagnostic radiology residency for the last four years, and associate fellowship director for breast imaging, I have worked on various initiatives to augment our trainees’ work-life integration—a crucial factor in training the next generation of physicians.”

“Building on this work in my recent role as vice chair of clinical operations for our department, I strive to further physician wellness, which has globally taken a hit in recent years. The implications are far-reaching, with direct effect on patient care and health care outcomes.”

Dr. Dodelzon’s ARRS “Sound of Wellness” Playlist Selections:

Either “Breathin” by Ariana Grande…

. . . or “Paint It, Black” by the Rolling Stones—both just as effective

The ARRS Professional and Practice Improvement Committee has been charged with overseeing our professional development programs, cultivating leadership opportunities, as well as initiating several practice quality improvements. Jay Parikh, MD (UT MD Anderson), chairs the new ARRS Wellness Subcommittee: a six-person working group with an overarching charter of promoting both workplace wellness and personal wellbeing to ARRS members of each practice type, private or academic, at every stage of their career, from residency to fellowship to active practice and beyond.  

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