Words of Wellness: Jessica Wen

In “Words of Wellness” on RadTeams.org, read—and listen!—to members of the ARRS Wellness Subcommittee regarding what “wellness” and “wellbeing” mean in their own clinical practices, research focuses, and everyday lives.

<strong>Jessica Wen</strong>, MD, PhD
Jessica Wen, MD, PhD


“Hello, everyone! My name is Jess Wen, and I am a current PGY-3 IR/DR resident at Stanford. My journey towards wellness has its roots in yoga. My yoga practice started in college, and during graduate school, I became a certified yoga instructor. During medical school, I taught yoga classes for my fellow medical students, weaving concepts of presence and self-awareness into my classes.”

“As a trainee, I find that training and wellness are often difficult to reconcile; not just for myself, but also for my colleagues. The aspect of wellness that I struggle with the most is self-love. In medicine, we are trained with the expectation to place the hospital’s needs always before our own. Our training culture has classically praised the individual who finds more of themselves to give, without reprieve or compensation. The internalization of this culture manifests as a loss of self-worth. To balance this, I have found that the pillars of self-love can be derived from both the physical principles of yoga—flexibility and strength—in addition to the yogic principle of community.”

“Flexibility, strength, and community are the mental and social foundations on which I build my self-love and self-acceptance. How do you foster self-love?” 

Dr. Wen’s ARRS “Sound of Wellness” Playlist Selection:

Vitamins” by Qveen Herby

The ARRS Professional and Practice Improvement Committee has been charged with overseeing our professional development programs, cultivating leadership opportunities, as well as initiating several practice quality improvements. Jay Parikh, MD (UT MD Anderson), chairs the new ARRS Wellness Subcommittee: a six-person working group with an overarching charter of promoting both workplace wellness and personal wellbeing to ARRS members of each practice type, private or academic, at every stage of their career, from residency to fellowship to active practice and beyond.  

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