Words of Wellness: Jay Parikh

I am a breast radiologist and professor of radiology in the division of diagnostic imaging at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center. Most physicians go into medicine and endure medical school and radiology residency for the betterment of patients. Along the course of training and further into our careers, data shows a high prevalence of burnout in radiology. Additionally, physician burnout has been associated with negative outcomes for organizations, physicians, and patients

Since burnout is a workplace-related phenomenon, radiology practice leaders need to stop redesigning the radiologist. Instead, they should focus on redesigning processes. Physician leadership is inversely related to burnout. Therefore, practice leaders need to be held accountable for radiologist burnout in their workplaces. Radiologists work very hard to become credentialed and take care of patients, so they should not be marginalized into feeling like cogs in a wheel. The road to overcoming the complex issue of radiologist burnout to wellness requires leaders to listen to their radiologists, co-create solutions, and build trust across their teams.

<strong>Jay Parikh</strong>, MD
Jay Parikh, MD

Professor, Department of Breast Imaging,
Division of Diagnostic Imaging,
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

In “Words of Wellness” on RadTeams.org, members of the ARRS Wellness Subcommittee share what “wellness” and “wellbeing” mean in their own clinical practices, research focuses, and everyday lives.

Dr. Parikh’s ARRS “Sound of Wellness” Playlist Selection:

Lean on Me” by Bill Withers

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